2016 Round 1 Netball vs Stony Creek

Round 1- Phillip Island vs Stony Creek


Under 15's

In rainy conditions the u15 girls took the court to play a newly recruited Stony Creek. With four of the Island girls missing, Shelby, Maddy, Emma and Alice stepped up and all played a brilliant game. Even though we lost, it was a team effort and everyone tried their hardest. Great game girls and lets beat Fishy next week.

Final score- PI- 11 SC- 29

Best- Charli Ross and Emily Lethbridge


Under 17's

In wet conditions the girls started slowly. However the girls settled in the second quarter with the score at half time being 25-7. Well done girls on a great start to the season with a solid win.

Final score- PI-40 SC-19

Best- Chloe Moxey, Jules Redmond, Jasmine Holland


C grade

The girls first quarter was a bit shaky and we were down by 5 at the first break. We regrouped and settled down with some great attacking and defence by the whole side. Came out winners by 7 in a great team effort.

Final score- PI-35 SC-28

Best- Jessi Hunter and Carly Formosa


B grade

The B grade girls were pumped for their first game. We welcomed new B graders Chloe Kalis, Katelyn Jones, Pippa Treppo, Maddy Taylor and Diddy Cuthbertson. The girls started steady and continued throughout the game. With numerous positional changes the girls showed exceptional depth and team work. The hard work and consistency saw the girls have a very convincing 20 goal win.

Final score- PI-40 SC- 20

Best- Kylie Van Steensel and Mel Kalis


A grade

This A grade team has a lot of versatility which was shown on Saturday. Kelly O'Neil was shooting beautifully in the first half and had a great third quarter with long hands in defence. There were some great intercepts from Tessa Johnston, Lawri Piera and Emily Semple. With excellent work in the wing and goal areas this team is set to have a good season.

Final score- PI- 48 SC- 35

Best- Amber Formosa and Taylah Turner