2016 Round 1 Seniors vs Dalyston

Phillip Island are now 2 and 3 after their 31 point loss to Dalyston at Cowes on Saturday

A reasonable crowed met the 2 sides in great conditions at a near perfect conditions at the CCG. It too Dalyston just 15 seconds to score the first goal of the match as they looked to gain an early advantage, they added their second just 5 minutes later but the Island hit back through Beau Runnalls. Dalyston started to have momentum rolling their way as they added a further 2 goals in 1 minute of play but the Island stayed in the match with 2 quick goals of their own right at the end of the first quarter

Q1 Phillip Island 3.1.19 to Dalyston 5.3.33

With Dalyston up by 14 points at the first break the Island needed to come back early to be at any chance of winning luckily Michael Duiker delivered no once but twice, the first after 1 minute and then after 5 minutes. Al Officer kicked the Island into the lead after 15 minutes but Dalyston scored late to go into the long break up by just 2 points

Q2 Phillip Island 6.3.39 to Dalyston 6.5.41

The Island went goalless in the third quarter but they did have plenty of opportunity dominating the early play. Dalyston dominated the second half of the quarter and made the Island pay, adding 3 goals 6, so it could have been a lot worse.

Q3 Phillip Island 6.9.45 to Dalyston 9.11.65

Dalyston were still within reach of the Island but it would have to be a strong last quarter by the Island if they were to win. A goal to James Taylor in the third minute gave the Island a sniff but Dalyston quickly squashed and chance of a comeback as they added 3 goals in 5 minutes to see them run away with a convincing 31 point victory

Full Time Phillip Island 7.11.53 def by Dalyston 12.12.84

Next week the Island head over the bridge and tackle Kilcunda Bass at Bass in a must win game

Phillip Island

Goal Kickers: M. Duiker 2, James Taylor 2, H. Moore, A. Officer, B. Runnalls
Best Players: H. Moore, M. Duiker, Jack Taylor, M. Griffin, A. Duyker, J. Youle


Goal Kickers: G. Parker 5, M. Rosendale 3, T. Krause 2, K. Kirk, J. Legione
Best Players: D. Wylie, M. Whittaker, K. Kirk, T. Krause, K. Schrape, C. Samargis