2016 Round 14 Seniors vs Stony Creek

Phillip Island went down to Stony Creek in very windy conditions over at the racecourse by 34 points

The first quarter wasn’t much to write home about, with both side not being very accurate in front of goal. Hayden Moore kicked the Islands first goal for the day, apart from that the rest of the quarter was very scrappy

Q1 Phillip Island 1.4.10 to Stony Creek 1.4.10

Another lack lustre quarter unfolded in the second, with Stony Creek looking the better team but not being able to get the job done on the scoreboard. They could only manage 2 goals 5 to the Islands 1 goal 3, with Beau Runnalls being the only goal scorer for the Island.  

Q2 Phillip Island 2.7.19 to Stony Creek 3.9.27

Stony Creek dominated the third quarter only allowing the Island to score 2 points to their 2 goals 3. The Island defence didn’t have an answer to Stony Creek’s tall forward line. The Island was down by 21 points at the final break but they still had hope of a comeback

Q3 Phillip Island 2.9.21 to Stony Creek 5.12.42

The Island got away to a great start with Alex Duyker goaling in the first minute of play. From there Stony Creek took over the rest of the quarter, adding 4 goals to break the Islands spirit and what looks to be their finals hopes.

Full Time Phillip Island 4.11.35 def by Stony Creek 9.15.69

The league now has a week off and will resume on the 16th where the Island will take on Fish Creek at the Kennel

Phillip Island

Goal Kickers: B. Runnalls 2, H. Moore, A. Duyker
Best Players: S. Seddon, Jack Taylor, B. Kimber, H. Moore, N. Anderson, J. Youle

Stony Creek

Goal Kickers: K. Baskaya 4, J. Cann 2, J. Schelling, L. Withers, W. Collins
Best Players: J. Schelling, J. Stone, C. Stone, K. Wille, A. Logan, J. Cann