2016 Round 18 Seniors vs Korumburra Bena

Phillip Island finished their season off in style with a 127 point win over Korumburra Bena at the kennel

The Island started the day in style, dominating from the first bounce and never looked back. They added 8 goals to 1 and it could have been a lot worse if the Island could have kicked straight.

Q1 Phillip Island 8.7.44 to Korumburra Bena 1.3.9

With the Island up by 35 points at the first break the pain got worse for Korumburra Bena as the Island continued to run proceedings as they kicked away further with a 6 goal to 1 quarter to take their advantage to 80 points at the half time break

Q2 Phillip Island 14.12.96 to Korumburra Bena 2.4.16

The Island came out asleep in the third quarter, they could only manage 4 goals to 2 for the quarter but again their accuracy in front of goals was horrific adding another 7 points in behinds

Q3 Phillip Island 18.19.127 to Korumburra Bena 4.4.28

Proceedings returned to normal in the last quarter with the Island kicking 6 majors to 2 and run away victors by 127 points.

Full Time Phillip Island 24.24.168 def Korumburra Bena 6.5.41

The Islands seniors season comes to an end but things are just starting for the ressies, under 18 and under 16s as they all look to have big final series. Thank you for all the support from all of the sponsors and especially all the volunteers this season. The Island will be back bigger and better next season as we enter a new era with the start of the new West Gippsland competition in 2017

Phillip Island

Goal Kickers: S. Seddon 6, James Taylor 3, Jack Taylor 3, M. Griffin 3, B. Kimber 3, B. Runnalls 2, M. Jackson, J. Keating, C. Batt, J. Youle
Best Players: B. Kimber, S. Seddon, M. Griffin, M. Mattock, N. Anderson, H. Moore

Korumburra Bena

Goal Kickers: W. Jeffs 3, J. Fowles, T. Sorrell, D. Robbins
Best Players: B. Fitzpatrick, D. Lloyd, W. Jeffs, B. Dorling, N. Cant, L. Van Rooye