2016 Round 2 Seniors vs Fish Creek

A depleted Phillip Island took on Fish Creek at Terrill Park on Saturday and they were thumped by 74 Points.

The first quarter wasn’t pretty, Fish Creek jumped away to an early lead with the first goal of the match, but the Island followed up with their own off the boot of Aaron Edwards but that is where the joy ended for the Island, Fish Creek started to dominate the Island all over the ground and the scoreboard started to show as they piled on 6 more unanswered goal to go into the first break up by 38 points

Q1 Phillip Island 1.0.6 to Fish Creek 7.2.44

Hopes were high for the Island now kicking with a stiff breeze, but Fish Creek still managed the first of the quarter to extend their lead. The Island fired back straight away through James Darcy but again Fish Creek had the answer adding another a couple of minutes later. The Island still had a glimmer of hope as Alex Duyker goaled after 15 minutes, the hope became even stronger when Darcy slotted his second to reduce the half time margin to 33 points

Q2 Phillip Island 4.4.28 to Fish Creek 9.7.61

Much like the first quarter Fish Creek took advantage of the strong breeze and before the Island knew it they were totally out of the game as Fish Creek added a further 6 goals to the Islands 1 point to see the game done and dusted by 3 quarter time with the Island down by 70 points.

Q3 Phillip Island 4.5.29 to Fish Creek 15.9.99

The last quarter was about trying to stop the bleeding. James Taylor kicked the Islands fifth goal for the match. The Island kept Fish Creek to 2 goals 1 for the quarter but it was all too little too late as Fish Creek smashed the Island by 74 points.

Full Time Phillip Island 5.8.38 def by Fish Creek 17.10.112

The Island now has to go back to the drawing board to try to get their season kick started next week against MDU back at the kennel

Phillip Island

Goal Kickers: J. Darcy 2, A. Duyker, A. Edwards, J. Taylor
Best Players: A. Edwards, M. Griffin, B. Kimber, J. Youle, S. Seddon, C. Batt

Fish Creek                                             

Goal Kickers: A. Seccull 5, J. Smith 4, T. Cameron 2, B. Cooper 2, J. Buckland, J. Redpath, E. Park, T. Manne
Best Players: T. Cameron, T. Hooker, E. Park, J. Smith, J. Hayes, J. Redpath