2016 Round 3 Seniors vs MDU

The Phillip Island Seniors tasted victory for the first time this season with a come from behind win over MDU at the CCG.

The first quarter was a real arm wrestle between the 2 teams, with neither team managing to grab an early advantage. It took til the 13 minute mark before the first goal could be scored with Beau Runnalls getting the Islands first. MDU fired back straight away to show it was going to be a tough day for the Island. The sides were starting to go goal for goal as Runnalls kick the Islands second, and again MDU weren’t to be out done as they levelled things up after 22 minutes. Island young gun Alex Duyker snapped truly just before the siren to see the Island go into the first break up by just 5 points.

Q1 Phillip Island 3.1.19 to MDU 2.2.14

MDU started to take charge in the second quarter as they took the lead back early and then stretched it further after 10 minutes with their second of the quarter. Runnalls kept things ticking over for the Island as he put through his third for the afternoon but MDU had the answers as they added a further 3 unanswered goals to finish the half up by 20 points.

Q2 Phillip Island 4.1.25 to MDU 7.3.45

It was a sombre change rooms from the Island perspective at half time, with a few home truths spoken about. The third quarter could have gone one of 2 ways, the Island could have laid down like the first 2 rounds or they could have fought back with a bit of Island spirit that has been lacking this season, and luckily it was the latter of the two. Runnals got the scoring underway after 30 seconds of play and 5 minutes later club stalwart Jake Weir kicked the Island back into the game with his first for the day. MDU kept the scoreboard in their favour as they goaled 9 minutes in, but the Island mid field were well and truly in control mainly due to the big guns of Michael Duiker, Brendan Kimber and new super star Simon Seddon. Seddon kicked his first goal for the club at the 18 minute mark to have the Island go into the final change down by 9 points

Q3 Phillip Island 7.3.45 to MDU 8.6.54

The Island seemed to have the momentum now and knew they needed to score first if they were any chance of winning the game, and thanks to Weir they did and it only took only 30 seconds. Michael Duiker put the Island in front in the third minute of play and when Runnalls banged through his fifth the Island seemed home, but MDU weren’t done with yet as they hit back with 2 goals in 2 minutes to wrestle the lead back from the Island. The Island drew things closer with a couple of behinds to only be down by one point early into time on. James Darcy made the Islands comeback complete, much like in Rocky IV, as he soccered through a goal to get the Island back in the lead and when Michael Duiker put through a set shot from in front of the club rooms he sent the locals into hysteria and secured the Islands first win for 2016, scraping over the line by 12 points

Full Time Phillip Island 12.6.78 def MDU 10.6.66

Next week the Island look to keep the winning feeling as they take on Korumburra Bena at Korumburra


Phillip Island

Goal Kickers: B. Runnalls 5, J. Weir 2, M. Duiker 2, A. Duyker, J. Darcy, S. Seddon
Best Players: S. Seddon, A. Edwards, M. Griffin, B. Kimber, A. Duyker, H. Moore


Goal Kickers: J. Swift 4, C. Hutcheson 2, T. McDermott 2, J. McMillan, J. Laskey
Best Players: T. Corry, B. Thomas , T. McDermott, C. Hutcheson, J. Hughes, J. McMillan