2016 Round 5 Netball vs Dalyston


The under 11's came out strong but were matched equally in the first quarter by the Dalyston girls. The girls lead well in the third quarter and all players stuck to their players and created pressure down the court. There was strong defence throughout the entire fourth quarter and the goalers did well to make the most of all opportunities.

Best: Lexi Walton, Tahlia Moschetti and Amelia Crooks



The Island started off strong with great intercepts and defence against Dalyston players. The team kept up their strength and enthusiasm into the second half. They never gave up and fought out until the end. Good work team.

Final score: PI 15 def Dalyston 9

Best: Jarrah White and Harry Kallis

ANZAC award: Dallas Lockeridge (Dalyston)



The first quarter saw the Island girls come out strong. Defence was tight and Emma and Lily were able to score some valuable goals. The girls retained the lead in the second quarter with strong defence and great goal shooting. Great team play, strong defence and determination proved a good combination to keep the lead in the third quarter by Island. Terrific win by Island girls!

Final score: PI 27 def Dalyston 13

Best: Emily Lethbridge and Faith Hollyoak

ANZAC award: Emily Lethbridge (PI)



Final score: PI 41 def by Dalyston 54

Best: Chelsea Vivian and Kate Kallis

ANZAC award: Anna Kurk (Dalyston)


C grade

Final score: PI 22 def by Dalyston 47

Best: Carly Formosa and Tahlia Wood

Auction award: Jessi Hunter

ANZAC award: Emma Ton (Dalyston)


B grade

The Island girls began with great intensity. From Narelle and Kylie in defence, through the midcourt and superb goaling from Mel and Katelyn saw the Island girls well in front at half time. They continued their strong play through the third quarter, however rushed passes and a lack of focus enabled Dalyston to gain the advantage. After a pause for the ANZAC service and national anthem the girls were able to regroup and consolidate a great win.

Final score: PI 54 def Dalyston 29

Best: Narelle Lindner (Goose award)

Auction award: Kylie Van Steensel

ANZAC award: Mel Kallis (PI)


A grade

The girls knew it was going to be a tough day at the office against a strong Dalyston team. After a slow start in the first quarter the Dalyston girls jumped to a strong lead at the first quarter break. The girls regrouped and started to gain some rhythm and work hard as a team to move the ball down the court smoothly to goalers Kelly and Taylah who were working tirelessly around the ring against strong defenders. Defenders Tessa and Lawri had a tough battle down the defensive end but both worked hard and never gave up trying new ways to work around their strong opponents. Kate and Amber worked hard all game throughout the mid court delivering the ball beautifully into the shooters. The A grade team welcomed Chloe Kallis into the team for her first game in A grade for the season. Chloe did a great job in the mid court moving well in the attacking end and providing pressure down the defensive end. It's now time to re focus, stay positive and work hard to get another win on the board next week against Bass.

Final score: PI 36 def by Dalyston 57

Best: Kelly O'Neill, Taylah Turner and Kate Steel (Goose award)

Auction award: Amber Formosa

ANZAC award: Kelly O'Neill (PI)