2016 Round 5 Under 16's vs Dalyston

Phillip Island8.8. (56) versus Dalyston 4.4.(28)

Goals: Phillip Island:Nick Anderson,2, Billy Taylor,2, Mat Freeman,2, Marvin Sellers,1, Jarrod Pearsall,1.

BEST Phillip Island: Jarrod Pearsall, Billy Taylor, Mitchell Fallaw, Jack Hibbins, Tarquin McMillan, Brodie Anderson.


The Bulldog pups faced a tough and well drilled Dalyston team in front of a large, ANZAC day long weekend crowd at the Cowes ground Saturday morning.


Dalyston’s pressure and physical style of footy was applied from the opening bounce and it was clear they had come to play. Dalyston started well and unsettled the pups in the opening minutes. The pup’s back line was under pressure immediately but they withstood the early onslaught. The pups settled quickly and started to show glimpses of their run and carry game. They made the Magpies pay in the fifth minute with some quick handballs and a strong lead from Marvin Sellers. Marvin marked 35 meters out out on a slight angle, went back and slotted the first goal of the day.


The rest of the quarter was a hard fought with neither team able to get free. However, the pups managed to score two more goals for the quarter, Freeman kicked a great snap from the far pocket and Nick Anderson kicked another off the ground on the goal line. The pups held the Magpies scoreless for the first quarter but only through hard, unrelenting pressure and solid defence.


The second quarter was another solid contest, the pup’s pressure and attack on the ball was intense and some of the Magpies were obviously frustrated. Despite this, it was the Magpies that dominated on the scoreboard. Their attack on the ball was excellent and they were rewarded with an early goal. They scored another two and held the pups to one point for the quarter. Jarred Pearsall and Billy Taylor were the stand outs for the pups and were well supported by Mitchell Fallaw’s hard running and Tarq McMillan’s ever improving ruck work.


The match was in the balance at the start of the third and there was more than a little nervousness amongst the pup’s supporters. It was a very even contest all quarter and the Magpies made the pups earn every possession. Coach Zac Wagner made a couple of changes early. He sent tough nut Jack Hibbins onto the wing to apply more pressure up the ground. Hibbo had played well in the first half but his tackling in the third quarter was as hard as we have seen all year. The rain came down mid-quarter and the pups added two goals. Mat Freeman got his second and Nick Anderson flew through a pack to take the mark of the day, he went back and slotted a much needed goal.


The pups went into the fourth quarter with a slim 9 point lead. The fourth quarter was the best footy we have seen so far this season. The pups stood up well to the physical and skilful Magpies. Captain Brodie Anderson continues to provide strong leadership and played well all day. Jarred Pearsall played his best game for the year and scored a  goal early and Billy Taylor added two goals in the quarter to put it out of reach for the Magpies. The pups won by 28 points in the end but the score does not reflect the the contest. Billy Taylor was awarded the ANZAC medal by the match umpires.


The pups were good all over the ground and the efforts of coach Zac Wagner over the last few seasons is paying off. The team executes the game plan well, appears to be developing some real depth and importantly enjoy playing together. If they continue to play this way they will trouble most teams.