2016 Round 8 Seniors vs Toora

Phillip Island completed an unconvincing victory over Toora at the Cowes oval on Saturday

At the start of the first quarter the Island looked like they were in for a walk in the park as they controlled the ball well and started to get the results on the scoreboard. Johan Van Zanen started his day well with a goal in the second minute of the game. This was followed up by one of the Islands other young guns Jack Taylor 5 minutes later. But Toora fought back straight away as they added 2 unanswered goals of their own. Late in tha quarter Beau Runnalls booted his first for the day and helped the Island to a 7 point quarter time lead

Q1 Phillip Island 3.2.20 to Toora 2.1.13

The second quarter wasn’t much of a quarter to watch, constant mistakes from both sides made scoring difficult. Runnalls kicked his second and Jake Weir his first, but both teams butchered the ball in front of the big sticks with the Island kicking 5 behinds and Toora 4.

Q2 Phillip Island 5.7.37 to Toora 2.5.17

The Island started the third quarter up by 20 points and they knew that the key to winning the game was to score early to stop Toora thinking they had a chance. Weir kicked his second goal after 6 minutes and when Michael Duiker booted a goal after 13 minutes the Island seemed home. 2 and half minutes into time on Toora slotted home their first score for the quarter and then followed up a minute later with their second to go into the final break 24 points down still with a chance

Q3 Phillip Island 7.11.53 to Toora 4.5.29

The Island started to hit panic stations as a spirited Toora started the final quarter with a blitz, they piled on 4 unanswered goals to find themselves down by just 1 point and they had only played 8 minutes. The Island players needed to stand ups and it was the Islands premiership skipper Jaymie Youle who was the man for the job, he took a steadying mark inside the forward 50 and went back and put it through the middle to give the Island some breathing room. Simon Seddon stretched the Islands advantage and this was followed uop late by Jack Taylor with his second to see the Island home by 14 points

Full Time Phillip Island 9.14.68 def Toora 8.6.54

The league now has a week off, and the Islands next game is against Tarwin at Cowes on the 28th of May

Phillip Island

Goal Kickers: J. Weir 2, B. Runnalls 2, J. Taylor, S. Seddon, M. Duiker, J. Youle, J. Van Zanen
Best Players: M. Duiker, H. Moore, S. Seddon, J. Youle, J. Taylor, J. Van Zanen


Goal Kickers: L. Manders 5, K. Holmes, J. Attard, B. Osborne 
Best Players: L. Manders, J. Griffin, Z. Clavarino, B. Scarcella, J. Weston, L. Ferguson