2016 Round 9 Seniors vs Tarwin

Phillip Island strung their first back to back wins for the season after their 19 point victory against Tarwin on Saturday

It was the first cold day for the season and both teams took their time to get going and it was Tarwin who started to attack the goals first but luckily for the Island they were inaccurate. James Darcy was the first to kick a major for the Island after a big bomb from well outside the 50. Tarwin followed up with 2 goals in a minute to keep in front on the scoreboard but the Island followed up with 2 of their own through Hayden Moore and Beau Runnalls. Tarwin goaled right at the end of the quarter to go into the first break up by 1 point.

Q1 Phillip Island 3.2.20 to Tarwin 3.3.21

The Island dominated the second quarter and it all started in the fifth minute through Moore and then a couple of minutes later James Darcy as the both hit the scoreboard. The man in the middle Michael Duiker extended the Islands advantage with a goal on the run. Moore gave Tarwin more pain as he kicked the Island further in front after 21 minutes, but all the quarters hard work was let down as Tarwin scored just before the half time siren to go into the long break with the Island up by 18 points

Q2 Phillip Island 7.3.45 to Tarwin 4.3.27

The third quarter was a complete turn of events as Tarwin took control of the scoring. They added 5 goals to 2 with only Jaymie Youle and Simon Seddon managing goals for the Island but it was enough to keep their noses in front by just 1 point at 3 quarter time.

Q3 Phillip Island 9.5.59 to Tarwin 9.4.58

With the rain starting to fall it meant that it was starting to rain points for the Island, they inched their way further and further ahead as they added 4 unanswered points. It was the star of the day Hayden Moore who kicked the first major to increase the islands advantage to 11 points, Corey Batt stretched the lead further with a goal from 50 which probably turned into 60 or 70 as the night went on. Tarwin still had a sniff with a goal at 17 minutes but Will Van Diemen put things beyond doubt and saw the Island home by 19 points

Full Time Phillip Island 12.11.83 def Tarwin 10.4.64

The Island head to Foster this week in a tricky game which the Island need to win

Phillip Island

Goal Kickers: H. Moore 4, J. Darcy 2, M. Duiker, B. Runnalls, C. Batt, J. Youle, W. Van Diemen, S. Seddon
Best Players: H. Moore, M. Duiker, M. Griffin, J. Darcy, J. Youle, C. Batt


Goal Kickers: M. Swenson 3, B. Slater 3, P. Hinkley, L. Thwaites, N. McRae, H. Farrell
Best Players: N. McRae, J. Bloom, B. Slater, P. Hinkley, J. Butler, H. Farrell